Rules & Regulations

  1. RISK AND RESPONSIBILITIES.   The entire risk and responsibility as regards all exhibits and in reference to all consequential or other loss or losses arising therefore or thereto must wholly be borne by the Exhibitor.   The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Society in respect of any claims for any damage caused and any injury suffered and the Exhibitor shall effect his own fire and Public Liability Insurance in respect of the stand provided by the Society and shall furnish evidence of such insurance that shall be acceptable to the Society.



  1. SITE ALLOCATION.  Those who had a trade stand at the previous year’s Show will have first preference on the site they occupied provided that they complete the application form and return it together with 50% deposit before the specified date. After the specified date, the Society reserves the right to allocate the site at their discretion.   The balance due to the Society by the exhibitor shall be paid one week before the first day of the Show.    If the said sum is not paid by that date the Society cannot guarantee that any site will be available.
  2. LOSS AND DAMAGE. The Society will not be responsible for damage, breakage or loss arising from any source, either in transit or during exhibition.
  3. SALE OF GOODS. Sale of goods by auction, loud speakers, shouting or other behaviour, which is in the opinion of the Society annoying to Society members or other exhibitors – the exhibitors shall cease conducting sales in this way on the request of the Society or any of its authorised agents.
  4. GUARD FOR MACHINERY. Exhibitors of engines or machinery in motion are required to fence same to guard against accidents.  This to be done at the Exhibitors expense.   The Exhibitor alone     in every such case will be responsible for any accident or injury that may occur.
  5. RESPONSIBILITY. Neither the Society nor any of its Officers or agents shall be in any way responsible or accountable for anything that may happen, (from any circumstances whatever) to Exhibitors or their agents or visitors to the Show or any Exhibit or property brought into the Showgrounds or for anything else in connection with or arising out of, or attributable to the Society’s Show.
  6. GENERAL. The Society reserves to itself sole and absolute right to interpret these or any other prescribed conditions and regulations, or Prize Sheets and to arbitrarily settle and determine all or any matters, questions or indifferences in regard there to or otherwise arising out of or connected with any incident at the Show.
  7. ERECTION OF SIGNS.  Stand holders are not permitted not erect signs, banners or other forms of advertising anywhere in the Showgrounds other than in their own stand space except by prior arrangement with the Secretary.
  8. ARRIVAL AND REMOVAL.  All Exhibits must be on site before 10 a.m. on the morning of the first day of the Show and be removed totally by the evening following the last day of the Show. Owners of exhibits left in the Showgrounds after 6 pm. on the evening following the last day of the Show will be charged storage and do so at their own risk.
  9. In order to assist with security, stand holders and their assistants are required to leave the Showgrounds by 7.30 p.m. on the days of the Show.
  10. All exhibitors are expected to list clearly on the Application Form the products/goods they intend to exhibit.   This is to enable the Society to allocate the various trade stands in what they consider the most suitable position.   The Society also reserves the right to accept or refuse any exhibit.